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Sylvie Jean

An artist at heart, Sylvie dabbled in many other activities before devoting herself exclusively to her passion. She is trained in the techniques of industrial graphics and began her career as a fitter and third party supplier for Offset in Carcassonne, before leaving to discover faraway countries between 1993 and 1999. During her years spent wandering about and making encounters that led her to explore the world, from Europe to Australia, Sylvie supported herself with her creativity by selling paintings and jewellery.

Upon her return to France she specialised in computer science and worked for a communications agency for six years. Always hungry for more, her creative sensitivity pushed her to also take courses at the Fine Arts School and to participate in a weekly painting workshop with the painter and engraver from Bordeaux, Jean-Pierre Beyries (born in 1950). Sylvie is inspired by her many experiences and decides in 2008 to devote herself solely to developing her practice. Since then, dividing her time between the organisation of artistic workshops and the pursuit of her visual research, Sylvie has found intellectual fulfilment. Indeed, she is able to enhance her techniques by teaching drawing and, at the same time, to increase her freedom of expression.

The artist is deeply inspired by Nature and has based most of her research on the "restitution of her perception" of reality. Her understanding of various genres – human, plant, animal –, research into every kind of being." Sylvie draws tirelessly, using her inks, acrylics and pastels, and looking to lay down on the canvas, paper or cardboard, the palette of her emotions in a constant quest for balance and harmony.