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Piero Bagolini

Born in Ferrara, Piero dedicated his life to visual creation. Artistic Director for publicity agencies, he is both a teacher and a speaker at the Creative Campus and at NABA Fine Arts Academy in Milan. In parallel he spent several years developing a pictorial production for a first exhibition in 1998 on the occasion of the Milan "Premio Arte Mondadori" show.

By scrupulously observing his sons’ faces, Piero began his pictorial activity by driving himself to understand the peculiarities distinguishing them, mirrors of their own individual character. Working only in oils on canvas, the artist’s approach is to represent the invisible hinted at in our reality. In this way Piero takes his two favourite themes, namely portrait and landscape, to direct his attention to the details and limits of his subjects in an attempt to translate their essence.

Influenced by European and American artists, the painter executes his works in an instinctive manner, using the unexpected to ensure innovation as he works. In this way perspectives and atmospheres converge to form an almost timeless composition located on the borders of figuration.

He is a member of the Independent Artists Association, and Piero has managed to develop a personal language expressed in a strong pictorial contemporaneity. Oscillating between realism and subjectivity, he manages to tempt the viewer’s gaze to look beyond the simple picture and really approach the work, inviting him to sense the full extent of his materiality.