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Jean-Claude Lannes

Jean-Claude is from the small commune of Villesèquelande - where he now lives with his family - , and has spent most of his life surrounded by his friends and family. As a child he learned the basics of painting alongside his maternal grandfather, René Peyre, who was an artist in Montmartre during the 50s and 60s. His grandfather chose to guide the young apprentice rather than to give him a traditional artistic education and his advice will remain engraved forever in Jean-Claude's memory. At the end of adolescence Jean-Claude began his studies in the sciences and decided to put his artistic fibers to the side in order to settle down for good and begin his own household.

It was not until 2010 that the desire to paint came about again. "With the support and encouragement of his spouse, the curiosity of his entire social group, [Jean-Claude] took up his paintbrushes again and felt the urge to create (it had in fact never left him) light up in him again. Maturity, which gave Jean-Claude the necessary distance from his youthful works, mixed with a deep desire to find new perspectives, provided him with the strength to rethink his artistic process.  From then on the artist had found his style, between contemporary figuration and colourful abstraction. Jean-Claude is adept at two visual techniques and enjoys using a spatula, working with acrylic paint as much as with oil, and sometimes goes as far as combining the two in order to create characteristics that are unique to each one. The artist continues to work with music and chooses to privilege suggestion in order to give the viewer the joy of freely claiming ownership over his paintings.