Joanna Gozdz

Born in the tiny Polish commune of Skaryszew, Joanna finished her higher
studies in advertising, after which she studied art at the Radom University.
Later, she moved to Warsaw in the early 2000s. She began her career by
designing private spaces for interior architecture agencies; alongside this job,
she began painting, dedicating some of her time to this activity depending on
the callings of her work. In 2012, she took the decision to dedicate more time
to painting.
Attracted by monochrome shades enhanced with subtle lines, Joanna likes to
create etchings on paper - using the Monotype technique - as well as oil
paintings. Her graphic compositions are greatly influenced by her professional
experience, in that the artist prefers to reproduce the illusionary aesthetics
brought forward by advertising campaigns, which she attempts to reconcile
with human sensitivity. Thus, using her oil and acrylic paints, Joanna works
on her shading, her textures and her contrasts to create fragments of
landscapes or tales that she deliberately strips down. Joanna’s style is guided
by an immediate spontaneity that unquestionably impacts the creative
process. In this way, coincidences and the oil drying time both play a
significant role in her pictorial approach, sometimes guiding her towards a
completely different perspective of her work.
With a focus on the rhythm of life, it is in nature and everything within it that
lies the sole source of inspiration of the artist. Joanna’s works are dynamic
and suggestive, tantalising the viewer’s visual perception as well as their
sense of touch.

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