Dominique Kleiner

It is by the greatest of coincidences that Dominique Kleiner ventured into painting. One day, a mural he had just painted in his son’s room earned him the compliments of a neighbor, a painter in his spare time, who commended his elegant brushstrokes before lending him his supplies so that he could take the plunge. He began by doing copies of great masters such as Modigliani and admits he “hasn’t stopped since”.

Originally from the north, he arrived in Normandy for professional reasons. Although the landscapes of his adopted region lent themselves perfectly to his art, his work is very personal: he paints the city, scenes from the harbour and the street, the musicians; always in his own way: “I love it when there’s movement in the canvas; I like to recreate the energy, to bring each landscape to life.

The overall vision, almost childlike, makes you want to accompany the artist in his daily travels. He only paints oils on canvas and works only with a knife. “That’s how I put in energy and movement. After many years of research, I found it the best way to express myself.

” He likes to paint the summer. After having exhibited in Lebanon and in Honfleur (Calvados, France) for two years, he sells his works worldwide, in Hong Kong and the United States.

His next project: to open a gallery “in the sun” in two years’ time in the south of France or abroad.