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Beatriz Eugenia

Beatriz trained as an industrial engineer and worked in the financial department of a banking company in Mexico since graduating from University. She is passionate and skillful when it comes to creating art and has been leading an international artistic career on the side for twenty years, composed of many classes and practical workshops at schools and with known artists. For the first few years, the young artist experimented with various styles and tried out different subjects before beginning a rich figurative production in 2006. Beatriz’s process is based on a poetic and sensitive rendering of reality, interpreted on the canvas using games of associations and languages. It is inspired mainly by the guiding ideas of two major artistic movements: surrealism and symbolism. Using a palette of oil and acrylic paint with soft shades, the painter usually composes her works in series, which makes it possible for her to explore the same contemporary subject from different vantage points, carving out new perspectives each time. In this way, Beatriz enjoys telling her story and translating the subjects she holds dear, such as freedom, escape, fleeting time, relationships between reality and fiction, or even the question of a social consciousness, into images. Beatriz admires works by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte (1898- 1967) and always strives to apply patience and attention to detail when making her paintings so that others may then appropriate them as their own in their own way. She gives much space to the skies and to representing the wind, which inevitably invites the viewer to delve into contemplation and reverie.

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  • Beatriz Eugenia
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