Painter, sculptor, creator of murals, Uruguayan Daniel Bayardi learned painting in the studio of his compatriot Haydée Eguren whilst studying architecture. His birth in Montevideo in 1976 on one of the most beautiful roads in South America predisposed him to having a taste for the sun and distant journeys. At 23, he emigrated to settle in Spain for 6 years. From 2000 to 2006, he lived in Sitges, near Barcelona, where he started painting in 2004. In 2012 he travelled through Italy, where he learned the basics of sculpture.

Since 2011, he has lived and worked in Berlin and is involved in the art collective BBK, the association of professional artists in Berlin. He has also become a decorator-designer and a renowned interior painter, who works on many projects for individuals. His artistic work, which is part of the figurative movement influenced by surrealism, is a synthesis marked by the extreme tranquillity of landscapes and characters: in oil or acrylic, he paints the sea, which remains his main source of inspiration, boats, blue skies and still sandy beaches, to focus on the simplest and most basic things in life. "The soul of all that exists," he says. It is an attempt at balance and harmony between shadow and light. The din of the world is deafened and allows us to better enjoy the purity of form," says the artist, who wants to share his emotions.

He exhibits in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc.) and markets his works on the Internet.