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Inspiration is shaped by the movement of life. It is after a long struggle with pressures and the subsequent release that Catarrazat gained her freedom after 25 years. She kneads, flattens and assembles, guided by the emotion of letting go. These are the bumps, the deformations that interest her. By elimination, the magic takes places and sensuality wins. From her hands emerge hollows, a curve, a fold; soon female bodies with completed forms: round and sensual.

Enameled earth or bronze will give life to the sculpture, the faces of which are intentionally dimmed so as not to impose anything and to let everyone take ownership of the work that has just been born.

Self-taught, the artist has been hands on since 1985. Her beginnings in Paris were marked by ceramic animation workshops at the Amandiers Theatre, workshops at the Cité Universitaire, and involvement at the Panoyaux School for children with special needs (art therapy). In 1992, it was contemporary dance and the work of the choreographers Angelin Preljocaje, Pina Bauch and Dominique Bagouet which inspired her; magical and ephemeral moments.

“The desire to freeze a moment in earth or bronze,” highlights the artist. In 2004, she followed a year-long training course at the Clémenti art foundry in the Paris region, starting her transfer from earth to bronze: moulding, casting, chiseling, patina; it is many long and delicate techniques which make up her artistic path which she has gradually made her own. She participates in many Parisian shows; her recognition is internationally marked by numerous awards and distinctions.