Nicole Daniah Sidonie

Born in South America, Nicole Daniah Sidonie DaSilva was four years old when she moved to Canada. She lives with her husband in Toronto, Ontario. She is a fulltime artist “enthralled” by painting and “its power of seduction”. Her tools are oil and acrylic, pallet knives and brushes, as well as “the essential paper towel”, which add to her curiosity to explore and to distill what is perceived and what is felt “during this journey through life”.

Her interest in visual arts started with photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design, during which time she also worked in a graphic design company. In the following years, “an exciting opportunity” to become a dancer and choreographer presented itself, a career that was to last more than a decade.

In 2004, she moved from performing arts to visual arts and travelled extensively to develop a photography book of landscapes and faces. Then she decided to expand her creative field and turned to the Toronto Academy of Realist Art and the Scottsdale Art School (Arizona, USA) to explore painting and drawing in the realist tradition.

After several years of study and an inability to resist “the attraction of the blank canvas”, she decided to devote herself fully to painting… Her work was opened up to collectors in 2014. She defines herself as a figurative painter who looks for her source of inspiration in the human figure. “More than logic or reason, I want to express feelings.”