Ulrike Walther

Like all children, Ulrike loved to paint and draw. Her enthusiasm intensified when she was given a watercolour box and she experimented with the effects of colours on soggy paper. Since then, she has always felt an intense pleasure playing with washes and gradients, a feeling that the artist compares to falling in love.

A trained architect from Bauhaus University in Weimar, Ulrike moved to Hamburg and began a career that did not give her time to paint until she integrated it into her architectural competitions. She very quickly specialised in architectural competitions that she completed using oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink and watercolour, while continuing to work as an architect. However, in 2014, Ulrike made the decision to abandon architecture for the benefit of watercolour, wanting to invest her body and soul in the pursuit of her pictorial work.

The delicacy of the paper and the choice of colours and brushes are essential in the approach of Ulrike, who seeks to blend portrayal with emotion. Starting from her photographs, the self-taught painter works on her subjects in the calmness of her studio, sometimes spending hours on her preliminary sketches in order to obtain the best composition. Fascinated by the works of contemporary artists Joseph Zbukvic (born in 1952), Alvaro Castagnet (born in 1954 and Herman Pekel (born in 1956), Ulrike wishes above all that her works emit a little happiness or trigger a fond memory of the observer, like colourful escapes that invite them to flee the daily monotony.