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Nikola Vudrag

In view of the fact that his father and grandfather were metallurgists and welders, it is not surprising that the young VUDRAG pursued the inclination he felt for metalworking, but he focused above all on the creative aspect that can result from it. Moreover, he had always been fascinated by the natural laws that govern the making of our world and participate in the formation of all matter on this Earth, therefore VUDRAG spontaneously decided to pursue a higher education course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb dedicated to teaching sculpture techniques. He was awarded a merit-based scholarship in 2013 which played a major role in his advancement.

Alongside developing his personal production, since 2012 the artist has created a lot of public sculptures – most of which are visible in various localities in his native country – and designed several prizes, including the "Wild Dreamer", a lifetime achievement award presented annually at the Subversive Festival in Zagreb.

To design his works, the Croatian sculptor draws his inspiration from disciplines as varied as philosophy, anthropology, theology, life sciences, physics and mathematics. Moreover, he skilfully practises the arts of modelling, welding, casting and painting, both on metals and on medals and coins. Over the years, VUDRAG has thus acquired a mastery that has enabled him to establish himself today as one of the leading specialists in Croatia. In 2017, VUDRAG was selected to design the portrait Gospa od Loreta (Our Lady of Loreto), a unique monumental sculpture erected on the coast of the municipality of Primošten.