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Artist, graffiti artist and self-taught illustrator, based in the city of Poitiers, SYRK is passionate about the painting that he practices daily and frantically on all types of media. In 2005, he declared himself an independent, and began a major production of muralist paintings, sometimes creating frescoes, sometimes trompes l'oeil paintings for individuals as well as for companies; an activity that allowed him to travel around the globe.

In 2014, SYRK began graffiti - a technique that marked a decisive turning point in his career by the influence it had on hisartistic evolution and identity - and now works diligently to develop his own pictorial style. Thus, through his powerful colored paintings, the artist invites the viewer into a quirky universe, on the border between humour, poetry and the absurd. With his paintbrushes and acrylics palette, SYRK likes to stage a variety of animals in fun and uncommonsituations, whose style strongly resembles that of children's imagery.

With a natural interest in all modes of creation, SYRK's personal culture is nurtured and enriched over time, its experiences as well as its encounters. Thus, Inspiredby urban culture just as much as the world of illustration and comics, the young artist has forged a singular and strong signature, which he never fails to bring face to face with those of other graffiti artists during collaborative projects.