Liselotte Andersen

The practice of sculpture, for its part, has always been at the heart of her artistic concerns, doubly driven by her passion for modelling and colouring.

In 2008, when Liselotte chose to devote herself wholeheartedly to the sole pursuit of her artistic production; the themes that explore "human attitudes and interactions" will instinctively materialize to give birth to delicate silhouettes which are boldly coloured and refined; symbolic representations of the richness contained in the relationships between beings. Whether she is working with clay, wax, bronze or enamel, Liselotte attaches great importance to spontaneous creation in the elaboration of her sculptures by transmitting to them all the energy and optimism that naturally animates her. At the same time, she wishes to communicate this saving grace to her audience.

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Paris Saint-Germain (6ème) Paris Saint-Germain (6ème)
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66, rue St André des Arts
Métro : Odéon
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