L.Bouro has been passionate about art and painting since he was a child. He relished storybooks and created his first painting at the age of 6: a reproduction of the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani (twentieth century) who would remain one of his favorite painters.
From a very young age, painting was a means of escape, a context. His friends and family became aware of his talent and supported him. Self-taught, he worked on his technique and at the age of 32 trained as a scenery painter. He followed this course with enthusiasm and excitement, discovering and deepening his artistic method. The following year he became a professional artist and began make a living from his art.
Faces became his favourite subject. He paints with acrylic and oils, creating with collage, salvage and manipulated materials.
His working method is precise: L.Bouro wanders through the city looking for, and collecting posters. Once in his studio, he meticulously chooses the colours and textures in the posters to create his palette. He chooses these elements depending on the subject, and places them on the background like a mosaic. He integrates them with a glaze (coat of transparent paint) and other ‘secret’ methods to finalise the work with paint.
Inspired by his many travels throughout the world (Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Central America, The Caribbean ...) L.Bouro has worked for several years on faces and portraits entitled "Urban Masks". Resulting from meetings, mixing and different cultural influences and techniques, these masks are the result of a mixture of Primitive Art, African Art and Contemporary Art (Moai statues, Pop Art, Arte Povera ...). The masks are shown with strength, character and personality. His work is a reflection on the question: who is behind the mask?