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Denis Poughon

During his childhood in Burgundy, drawing filled Denis’ universe. As an adult, he studied at the School of Applied Arts and Textiles in order to learn techniques and develop his knowledge in Art History. A decorator for 10 years, he specialized in theatre sets, but changed course in 2005 to try his hand at youth illustration. This exciting activity allowed him to showcase his different creative qualities. In parallel, he built graphic universes for adults and multiplied his exhibitions.
Denis lives his art as a reporter on the ground, with paper, pencil and watercolour. Everything must go quickly in his creative excitement, observing as a fly on the wall; the pen scratches, ink spreads, charcoal deposits its traces, his stroke is precise. Acrylic paint and inks supply the colour, pencils set the pace, charcoal reinforces the shadowy areas and pen enhances the details in its accuracy.
His favourite subjects are animals of the world that he has drawn since he was 8 years old. Denis gradually feeds his curiosity and knowledge of wild animals, their lifestyle, their environment, etc.. Fascinated by the mechanics of bodies and objects, the decomposition of movement is one of the main lines of his research. He thus combines his knowledge of wildlife with a more mechanical study of motion.
At the root of each work, there is always an animal whose head is easily identifiable. The solid body is depicted in decomposed movements, as if under the action of gears. The artist carefully notes the name of each species in Latin, a tribute to a former classification. This animal is a refuge, a shelter, a force, revenge of nature on man.
His goal is to immerse visitors in the heart of an unlikely structure. The designer and explorer in Denis offers a gallery of working mechanical evolution!

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