For Christmas, just like Sophie Rocco, go beyond the frame!

8 novembre 2019

Make room for our third artist, in the spotlight for Christmas! Get ready to enter a poetic universe: welcome at Sophie Rocco’s. Who is in her paintings? Exiled souls, fairies in exodus, temperamental ghosts, silent messengers?


Her universe is grim yet bright.

On her paintings, Sophie Rocco displays a silent language, an invisible dialogue between pain and beauty, anxiety and freedom, the subconscious and reality.

What do they tell us?


It’s a genuinely silent dialogue, which is portrayed in each of her paintings.

Sophie probes human emotions and captures them on the canvas, before they get away, before they disappear.

These silent beings which take up the space and colors of her paintings, express themselves to us, murmur stories, at times our very own story.


Sophie Rocco’s work is lively: it changes the medium, moves around, expresses itself and plays with words.




Follow us, let us take you to her studio!  


“Light, white walls and art powder, from floor to ceiling, this is Sophie Rocco’s studio.

This place has a soul which inhabits and embodies each of her paintings”.

                                                     Studio Scene                                                                                   Infusion of souls

                                                       Prima matéria                                                                                         Heads


Why do we like her?


The contrast of light, her work on the material, these magical silhouettes captured on the canvas. Each of Sophie Rocco’s paintings, is an initiatory quest, which highlights a dialogue with oneself.

This year offer gifts which are filled with poetry… Discover all of Sophie Rocco’s work, on our website.