How to lay out artwork in your home?

30 juillet 2020

Works of art are the finishing touch to a successful decoration. A painting, a photo or even a sculpture for example will sublimate your interior. Discover our tips and secrets for arranging your works of art in the best possible way.

Not to do:

Even if artwork can be sold at an accessible price like at Carré d’artistes, it is still a rare and precious object, as it’s unique. So, it’s important to take care of it! Never hang a painting in a bathroom or kitchen, humidity and grease are the worst enemies of a well-preserved work. Also think about exhibiting the works away from your usual gestures, to avoid staining or putting a hole in it. If you’re going to put it on the wall right behind your couch, think about the moment when you’re going to get up for example-same goes for a bed or an office.


Be bold and favor multiple wall hangings!

Works can communicate among one another, if their formats echo one another (a small, a medium and a large format will make up a beautiful and well-paced composition), or if their colors and styles are highlighted. A geometric sculpture signed Nikola Vudrag will go well with abstract composition by Yasmina Ziyat; in the same way a watercolor painting with evanescent hues signed Marjoline Fleur will go well with a light-colored painting, by Hilde Wilms.


A home as beautiful as a museum!

Matching works is the nature of a collective exhibition. Play the exhibition curator to carry out your wall hangings! Endow your entrance with a work which translates movement and liveliness (like the super-colored paintings of Sophie Costa), a striking sculpture for your living room, which will be a good conversation starter for your guests on art (funny-looking assemblies by Pablo Macias for example), your little one’s bedroom with a soothing image (the adorable watercolor paintings by Masako Masukawa) and your own bedroom with a soothingly beautiful landscape (like the one of Herete).


You would have understood: at Carré d’artistes, we make it a point of honor to offer you an extremely diverse collection, which reflects the various sensitivities of our artists. This is the reason why, we can inspire you with a one of a kind decoration idea, that will be perfectly in keeping with your universe…While promising you promisingly wonderful getaways!