In equilibrio sulpiacere from Nai

28 février 2019

This month, discover Italian artist Nai’s inspirations and techniques through her artwork “In equilibrio sul piacere“.


On life’s line

When painting, I work to capture a dream world. I search for a harmony with nature, to create a balance between humanity and its environment. I introduce this with symbols and characters from children’s stories, such as Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio.

In this selected artwork, balance is expressed through the depiction of the artist standing on a tightrope. By transforming her “life line” into a physical entity, she allows us to find our own within ourselves, as she places us upon our own individual tightropes.


"We are compelled to confront ourselves at harmony with nature


Through this powerful representation, Nai beautifully reveals a path where, just as the figure in the work, we are compelled to confront ourselves at harmony with nature.

In the face of life’s obstacles, happiness and joy become the antidote that will allow us to remain upright and balanced no matter what.


she plays with materials like a director

My technique is varied, as I will work in acrylic, watercolor, pencil and with collage. For my small formats, I use special paper that allows me to experiment with water in order to bring life to my works.

When I begin a new artwork, I start with a base of acrylic or watercolor. Then the real staging begins, I, as the director, cast the roles and introduce my characters as they come to life on the page.

My desire is to create a bridge between representation and reality. To do this, I will incorporate varied materials, such as wire, fabric or wallpaper, which I have acquired throughout my travels. I always make sure to collect any material that catches my eye, as I know it will lead me to new inspiration.

In completing an artwork, I will often integrate crochet into my drawings to transform them from the 2-dimensional into the 3-dimensional world.





In equilibrio sulpiacere