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June 2016 : the new artists in Carré d'artistes galleries

2 juin 2016

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Enjoy this beginning of June to discover, in France Carré d'artistes® galleries, five never exhibited new artists, in the network. Get carried away by the pictural compositions of Valérie Jayat in the Lyon gallery, discover the canvas of Bernard Signamarcheix in Lille, admire paintings of Thierry Delattre inside the Bordeaux gallery and, finally, discover, in Paris, artworks of Joaquim Bayona (Paris-Saint-Germain, 6ème) and Françoise Duprat (Paris, Ile-Saint-Louis, 4ème).

Regarding the classic shift, find out, right now, artworks of Fauve in Toulouse, those of Anne Guillon in Aix-en-Provence, or also paintings by Antoni Sierra i Uceda in Marseille. Regarding Paris, you can discover Vincent Gachaga (Le Marais, 4ème), Agusil (Montmartre, 18ème) or also Baubeau de Secondigné (Ile-Saint-Louis, 4ème).

Thierry Delattre      

(From left to right : Thierry Delattre, Françoise Duprat, Bernard Signamarcheix, Valérie Jayat)

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In Seoul, the Indian artist Archana Bhardwaj exhibit for the first time in Carré d'artistes®, as Karine Roche in Doha gallery and IK-ART in Milano.


(From left to right : Archana Bhardwaj, Karine Roche et IK-Art )

In Germany, these are Markus Haub, Andrea H (Berlin) and Véronique Fièvre (Köln) who are in exhibition. in Italy, Monica Zani in Milano and Yasmina Ziyat in Roma are the incoming artists. In United States, artworks of Mr Oreke are to discover in the Philadelphia gallery, these of Noreen Coup are in Boca Raton and Brigitte Lovisa-Fouché is going to Istanbul. Finally, Géraldine Bandiziol is exhibiting in Moscou right now.

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