Jonas Lundh

Art and music are two inseparable and indispensable pillars in the life of Jonas. A drummer and percussionist, he began first of all, in the eighties, as an independent jazz musician. Gradually, he developed a passion for painting and taught himself. He quickly made the connection with music and decided to keep in mind the two characteristics that he likes and wants to "print" on his canvases: harmony and rhythm. A "photographic" reproduction of the world does not interest him, he prefers Impressionism. For fifteen years, he has been using a te…

The Carré d'artistes® concept

Because art shouldn’t just be for an elite few, Carré d’artistes® is profoundly changing the market for contemporary art. To make art accessible, we offer quality paintings at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

It was around 1820 was launched, in Denmark, a pictorial revolution.

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From Prehistory to the early of the twentieth century, art has always been a figurative dimension.

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Carré d'artistes® presents its first artbook that will make you discover a rich and varied selection of 100 essential artists.

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While 2016 has just started, Carré d'artistes® will propose this year many new artists still never exposed in galleries.

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