Odile Escolier

After scientific studies, Odile Escolier worked in the medical field. At the same time she was continuing developing her artistic skills with inks, pastels and mixed techniques. She exhibited her work in France and abroad. She decided to dedicate her time to become a professional painter. Meeting, sharing, the link to the other one, are the main themes for Odile Escolier's inspiration. The human being in its relationship to others challenges the artist. Trees, silent nature, colorful rhythms which lead to abstract are also part of her work. She…

The Carré d'artistes® concept

Because art shouldn’t just be for an elite few, Carré d’artistes® is profoundly changing the market for contemporary art. To make art accessible, we offer quality paintings at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

At the crossroads of every traveler of the seventeenth century, the Savoy States at their zenith experience a bustling artistic activity dictated by the Baroque style.

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Genuine showcases of the know-how of a country, the world exhibitions are held throughout the world since 1851.

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The “Capitale des Flandresˮ is a great city to walk in. Whether the legendary Grand-Place, or the “Old-Lilleˮ, you will be amazed by the ubiquitous flamboyant baroque style.

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Stunning and effortless, confidential and bubbling, the Italian capital is a vivid city where past and future harmoniously coexist.

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