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Sculptures by style

Carré d'artistes offers you a wide range of styles of sculptures so that everyone can find their firm favorite. All the works come along with a certificate of authenticity!

For each style, its corresponding sculpture

The styles of sculptures vary depending on the artist. Till date, we have seen a multitude of styles ranging from the most classic ones to the most modern. Marcel Duchamp and Brancusi are the pioneers who left a permanent mark on sculpture , in their own way.

Sculpture seen by Brancusi

At the beginning of the 20th century, we could sense the enthusiasm of artists for trends such as realism, naturalism and figurative art: "it is not the external form which is real but their essence". When one takes the truth into account, no one can therefore express reality by copying the external surface of things according to Brancusi.

It is undoubtedly Brancusi who is the inventor of modern sculpture and the initiator of reduction, to reach a pure artistic form. It follows the logic of the essential spirit and the fundamentals of form. This sculptor rules out casual, short-lived, and contingent aspects.

Sculpture by Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp is the founder of "readymade". The concept evokes an object which has been found and is considered to be a “work of art” due to its aesthetic feature. The styles of sculpture inspired by Duchamp and Brancusi gave rise to the majority of modern artistic practices such as assemblage, non-figurative, in-situ, installation, the Gaudi Concept, the Hundertwasser Concept, the Botarro Concept…

Sculptures accessible through Carré d'artistes galleries

Although at the beginning Carré d'artistes took place through painting and its universe, today we exhibit sculptures from sculptors around the globe. They draw inspiration from many materials such as wood, ceramic, metal, bronze and much more. These different styles of sculptures satisfy and are a delight for amateurs of contemporary art. This approach is also in keeping with our commitments to make art available to the general public. At Carré d'artistes, the styles of sculpture range from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.

Sculpture in all its forms

At the Carré artistes galleries, art lovers can discover the works of many sculptors with various styles of sculpture ranging from classical structure through the street-art sculpture the pop art sculpture to the recycling sculpture . These contemporary sculptures meet the needs and expectations of everyone. All styles of sculpture are represented to enthrall art lovers!

Artists to follow

The approach was also motivated through requests from new artists wishing to join galleries. Carré d'artistes gave them an opportunity to stand out and exhibit their styles of sculpture in major international towns. Several artists need to be closely followed. Draw inspiration and go with the flow of sought after and incomparable styles of sculptures of our artists!

Classical sculpture

In the category classical sculpture , Julien Rey is inspired by Asian art, he mixes black shine and gold flecks. These works are mainly based on an impressionist and aesthetic atmosphere on all levels...

Agnès Descamps' artistic approach sets up protean and unique works. These evolve with the artistic trends of modern society.

Aude Silve's "graceful red" takes on elegant and flourishing forms - models of generosity and tenderness which melt the heart.

Pop-art sculpture

The Pop-art category brings together artists like Denise Nouna Benraroch aka Nouna. Nouna produces academic nudes, not to mention works animated by African art and primitive art. Her sculptures are filled with bright colors inspired by Pop-art and urban style.

Street-art sculpture

When one says street-art one necessarily says Pappay too. This artist draws inspiration from the realm of graphics and architecture. His street-art works highlight Man’s position in the ecosystem and mainly his imprint. His favorite material is resin, which he masters perfectly.

The artist Lamboley uses acrylic sprays and cardboard and paper to create amazing works. His urban and expressive frescoes are highly inspired through street-art and pop-art. Due to his works, Lamboley acknowledges the icons of his time, namely movie stars, music stars and comic book characters.

Sculpture recycling

When waste is not thrown away, but is used as raw material, the results are simply superb. The sculptor Daniel Castan gained popularity right from the initial days. Due to his numerous trips to Hong Kong and New York, the urban worlds and the outsized perspectives fascinated him right from the first glance. One can perceive a graphic atmosphere in most of his works.


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