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Raw art sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of art brut sculptures. It is difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to define or arrange under a single banner works which are in essence unique. However, the rejection of traditions, the mixing of genres, and the use of unexpected materials remain key focuses of this movement.

What Is Art Brut?

The works of art brut are generally made by self-taught artists. They are created using unexpected materials and are free from any influences or artistic traditions. This raw way of conceiving makes it possible to update singular modes of representation and figuration. French artist Jean Dubuffet is the initiator of the concept of Art Brut. In the 1940s, he was responsible for building a collection of objects made by residents of psychiatric hospitals. All these creative examples from outside the codes of the art world open the way to a marginal artistic approach. The works are the results of free experiences far from all constraints exerted by society or by tradition. He spoke of "an entirely pure, raw artistic operation, reinvented in the entirety of all its phases by its author, starting only from his own impulses". Since its appearance in the early 1970s, peculiar art has transformed from a marginal movement into a popular movement.

A genre apart beyond the codes of contemporary art

The sculptures, of this diverging genre, are defined by an avant-garde spirit. These works do not conform to any particular style or previous movement. This genre should not be confused with naive art. So-called naïve artists are inspired by known and recognized movements, while artists of the peculiar movement prefer to break traditional codes and move away from artistic trends. The works are raw and filled with emotion. For Jean Dubuffet, they embody a real transgression in relation to artistic and pictorial codes and of the history of art in general. Art Brut is an integral part of the contemporary artistic landscape, and invests in it a primordial place of its own. The works resulting from this movement are unique, singular and specific to each artist. They are selected, among other things, because they do not coincide in any way with any classification or identification. These sculptures cannot fit into a dictionary entry or fall under a global and common definition. This movement appeared at the end of the Second World War and still has a bright future ahead of it. Its origin also ensures its longevity. If in the mid-1940s, this art was misunderstood, it has nowadays shown itself to the forefront of the artistic scene in galleries around the world. At Carré d'artistes, discover figurines, objects, sculptures of peculiar art by talented contemporary artists.


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