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Lamotte Alexandre | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Lamotte Alexandre
  • France
Alexander was born and raised in the Vendée region of France. From early childhood, drawing played a vital role in his activities. A creative child, he scribbled and sketched characters straight out of his imagination or inspired from comics.\n During adolescence, he was fascinated by supernatural and fairy worlds, feeding on legends and stories and passionate about fantasy worlds. He discovered literature, film and illustration.\n Gradually, his drawings became coloured a n d p a i n t i n g m a d e i t s a p p e a r a n c e i n t h e A l e x a n d e r s c r e a t i o n s . H e d e c i d e d t o m a k e a r t h i s c a r e e r a n d b e g a n a r t s t u d i e s , w h i c h h e q u i c k l y l e f t , p r e f e r r i n g t o t e a c h h i m s e l f . A t t h e a g e o f 2 0 , h e m e t J a c q u e s B e s s o n n e t , a s t o n e s c u l p t o r , w h o s h a r e d h i s p a s s ion and his profession. Alexander extended his skills and added sculpture to his pictorial creations.\n A few years later, in the same studio, he met other artists and embarked on the adventure of the association ""Village of Painters"". Each year, from April to October, the village of Vouvant (Vendée) becomes a place for pictorial events, exhibitions and artists' workshops.\n Alexander works principally with paint in black and white. A game of light and shadow, both poetic and Gothic, appears in his works. He blurs the colours and creates graphic lines, traces of his childhood.\n Alexander is inspired by legends, fables and stories, as well as science fiction. He feeds on topics such as women and children, which are very present in his works.\n He seeks a form of escapism through imagination: dreams begin when his spirit is freed.

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