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In 2023, long live magenta!

- 13/01/2023

This new year will either be magenta, or won't be!


Proclaimed by the American company Pantone, "the color of the year 2023 is Viva Magenta”. In other words, a rather intense red which leans more towards pink and purple… And ruffles through its velvety, generous, and overpowering softness. A genuine “punch in a velvet glove,” as Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, so aptly put it!

Always on the lookout for trends, Carré d'artistes has therefore chosen to devote a collection of very red artworks to the colour of the year, dominated by this extremely trendy "Viva Magenta". Their dazzling look will certainly awaken your interior and make your decor bold. It’s obvious: Viva Magenta goes well with all kinds of shades. Solitary, it illuminates a light interior with beige, cream, and pale gray hues. In strips, it goes wonderfully well with a coral, orange, and blue palette – for those who are (really) fearless.

Check out this collection, which brings together artists of all styles, such as Lau Blou, Françoise Gomes, Jaanika Talts, Coco Rohart, Gérard Clisson, Sophie Costa, Olivier Anicet, and many more! 

All crazy about the coloUr of the year 2023: Viva Magenta!

How do artists gain control over Viva Magenta? Each in their own way, quite simply. When it comes to Françoise Gomes, a specialist in atmospheric landscapes, the latter uses it to tinge the sky and haunt his artworks, through a crimson and subtle filter...To uniquely soothe visions, one would be delighted to hang these in a bedroom.
For Lau Blou, one can perceive these through colorful and snazzy masses within abstract compositions, which at times tends to highlight a figurative detail. Joyful, musical, Blou’s artwork has a knack at setting the pace in a living room or a dining room.

As for the artworks Coco Rohart, an evanescent magenta floats around pretty and titillating silhouettes, while the colour of the year for Sophie Costa is synonymous with explosive joy and very pop!
Last but not least, Olivier Anicet, uses it to colour his favorite pattern: the roofs of Paris. The latter have never been this passionate… Thus, magenta appears as a colour of fire, a colour which portrays love and life.

Not into magenta, but you want a colourful touch at home? You can also see our green, terracotta, yellow, orange, red, purple or blue artworks...

The art history note: Pantone, the company that guides trendy colours

Founded in 1866, the American company Pantone publishes colour charts famous around the globe and provides printers with an immense set of pure colours. For more than twenty years, every December it announces the "color of the year". Far from being anecdotal, this decision has a major influence: all over the world, companies follow the latter’s advice very seriously, and choose this "color of the year" for their products (fashion, design, furniture, etc.). Unparalleled, Pantone appears to be the most important trendsetter, in regard to colours!
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