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Bronze sculptures

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Carré d'artistes presents a large selection of bronze statues. Bronze sculptures are works of art made from an alloy of copper and tin, which are meticulously crafted following ancestral gestures. 

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If you wish to acquire a unique and original sculpture, bronze is one of the most resistant metals that exist and which, by keeping all its freshness, will be able to resist the ravages of time. For the sculptor, using bronze on masterpieces is the assurance of lasting creations.
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Focus on the secrets of creating a bronze sculpture

A fragile but essential model

Before you can admire a bronze moulding in its final state as proposed in our catalogue, everything starts with a basic model. This model, usually made of clay, is the model of the bronze work that the artist wishes to create. This model is then cast in plaster and satin-finished.

The moulding

This is the stage in which the artist collaborates with a caster. The latter is responsible for pouring the molten bronze (heated to 1300°C) by gravity into a refractory mould that has been stripped of its wax during the firing process. The molten metal is then poured into crucibles to be poured into the mould. Casting can only be done once the slag that forms on the surface has been removed.

However, on most bronze sculptures, the casting is done with wax. And like hot chocolate in a cake mould, the wax is poured into an elastomer mould. During the casting process, the wax is carefully filled with piping components that are later used to remove the mould.

Wax coating and melting

In bronze art, the coating is the phase that consists of shaping and conditioning the paste that will later be introduced into the kiln to create the final mould that the artist will use for his work. To make this paste, the wax is poured into a cylinder and then coated in a refractory paste. This is the paste that will eventually be put into the mould.

Before the finished, solid work is seen, the metal is melted beforehand during the casting process. During the melting stage, the moulding is inserted into a molten furnace in order to calcine the wax. It is only once calcined that the wax can be dissociated from the mould, thanks to the piping system introduced during the casting process.

Chasing the bronze

Bronze chasing is one of the trades of bronze art requiring a certain expertise, skill and concentration that only a professional can demonstrate. It is during this phase that the bronze figure will be polished and refined to the finest detail.

The patina

The patina is the last stage in the production of a bronze statue. It is the stage that gives the bronze sculptures a specific look and colour. The patina process is generally specific to each artist and consists of applying different products while hot and diluted with water. The combinations are innumerable and as an indication
  • sulphur sulphide is used to obtain the dark brown colour
  • iron oxide is used to obtain the red colour
  • the green colour is reproduced with copper nitrate
  • blue with soda
  • reddish brown with iron nitrate
  • and white with zinc oxide.

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At Carré d'artistes, discover bronze sculptures by contemporary sculptors offering unique and expressive works. And if you choose a bronze piece, you should know that in addition to being extremely resistant, bronze statues will match the decoration of a multitude of interior styles.
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Here you will not find modern sculptures, you will find a range of contemporary sculptures such as: street art sculpture, pop art, metal sculpture, abstract sculpture... 

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