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Axelle's Selection

Every month, our art curators share with you a selection of unique handpicked with care! In February, you can discover our favorite artworks by Axelle, a graduate in Art History, and passionate about painting. What styles, universes and messages does she draw her inspiration from? What does this selection of unique artworks reveal? Here are some answers...

Where does your passion for Art come from?
"My passion for Art was born relatively late. I would say that it really revealed itself after high school when I chose to study Art History. Contemporary Art in particular reinforced this passion."

What style of painting touches you most and why?
"I can’t think of only one style of painting. What speaks to me, calls out to me and moves me the most is what an artwork expresses, the poetry that emerges from it, the message it delivers, the power of a gesture, a color and all the universe in which the artist invites us. It is an emotion that cannot always be explained.
Concerning the artists whose works touch me, they are numerous. I am particularly sensitive to the work of the performer Marina Abramović, to the captivating works of Pierre Soulages but also to the work of Arte Povera artists such as Giuseppe Penone or to the creations of the Land artist Andy Goldsworthy".

What does this selection mean to you? 
"This collection was also born out of emotion. From an artwork that moved me and around which I wanted to build a selection for this month of February. With this selection I wanted to make our customers discover these artists with whom we exchange daily and let them transport you in your turn!".


(6 Artworks)

6 Artworks



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