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Tribute to Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

This famous painter was born on July 7, 1887 in Belarus.
He was influenced by the many artistic trends of his time. His passion for France and its artistic richness are reflected in his works. He died at the age of 93.

The works of Chagall

Many elements of Marc Chagall's life can be found in his works.
Fueled by his Jewish religion and his love of symbolism, his paintings reflect the strength of his convictions. The beauty of his art lies especially in the diversity of the movements he uses; sometimes described as surrealist, he is also associated with cubism and fauvism. This unclassifiable artist is described as a conscious dreamer.

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Our tribute collection

The paintings featured in this collection are the unique works of four contemporary artists carefully selected by our art curators:
- De Sousa Miguel
- Chambon
- Doudoudidon
- Baubeau de Secondigné Marcela
These four artists have immersed themselves in the world of Marc Chagall and his works.
They give us a praise of this famous painter inspired by the many themes he has addressed: the relationship between man and animal, music or the celebration of life. You will find in our collection a colorful palette and dreamlike and poetic worlds.
(5 Artworks)
5 Artworks
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