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Are you thinking of buying a large format painting?

Carré d'artistes offers large format paintings for sale for all styles. Large format painting has always gathered many artists of all movements, approaches and techniques very different from classical painting to contemporary painting.

Our community of 600 contemporary painters offer you a set of contemporary art paintings to personalize your wall decoration. Dress up your walls with large format modern paintings and give your home an artistic touch. Personalize your wall decoration by dressing your wall with a design painting and give your interior an artistic and contemporary touch.

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Contemporary art in all its splendor!

No matter the style, the themes or the technique, you are at the right place! Each of the artworks of Carré d'artistes is unique and certified! Do you need help? Whether it is a question about our products, or to accompany you in your project, our art curators are listening with great pleasure.

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Whether it is Velasquez, Rubens, Picasso, Yan Pei Ming, Basquiat, Monet, painters have always tried to captivate the eye by questioning reality and its dimensions. Have you ever felt very small in front of a masterful and monumental work of contemporary large-format canvas painting ?

Haven't you spent long minutes contemplating it? In contemporary art, Anselm Kiefer, Olafur Eliasson, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock are artists who have created gigantic and emotionally powerful works. Large format paintings are rarely forgotten.


Dare to use large paintings in your home !

When it comes to beautifying your walls, large paintings are THE solution to bring an artistic and majestic touch to your space. By choosing a contemporary large format painting, you make the choice to express your personality and to give a unique dynamic to your decoration.

The advantage of buying a large format painting is that these works stand out for their visual impact and create an enchanting atmosphere. What could be better than a large format painting to attract the attention and admiration of your guests?



Large format paintings are a real eye-opener when it comes to enhancing your interior design, and they are particularly suited for certain rooms, such as the dining room. 

Thanks to their XXL size, these wall paintings create a powerful visual impact that can metamorphose the ambiance of your dining space. One of the benefits of large format paintings is that they can fill empty walls and bring a warm, artistic touch to your dining room.

To maximize the effect of an XXL painting, make sure you choose the right location. Place it, for example, above the buffet or on the wall facing the table so that it is clearly visible. Don't forget to take into account the colors and patterns of the painting so that they match the style of your decoration. 

Finally, to enhance your artwork, consider the lighting: a nice light, whether natural or artificial, will enhance the painting and emphasize its uniqueness. By following these tips, your large format painting will become a real asset to create a refined and original interior decoration in your dining room.


How to integrate a large format painting canvas to its decoration

Integrating a large-format painting canvas into your decor can be a real asset to enhance your interior. Here are a few tips to succeed in this endeavor:

  1. Dress a living room with high ceilings with a large painting

Take advantage of the height to install a large painting and thus draw the eye upwards. This will enhance the room's volume and balance the space.

  1. Contrast a sober room with a large, colorful painting

If your decoration is rather neutral, do not hesitate to dare a painting with bright colors. It will bring a touch of energy and dynamism to your room.

  1. A large painting in warm tones to create a cocooning atmosphere

Choose a painting with warm tones, such as red, orange or yellow, to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

  1. A large black and white painting to add modernity to your decor 

Opt for a monochrome canvas that plays on contrasts to give a contemporary and elegant spirit to your interior decoration.


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