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Lovisa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Lovisa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter / Plastician

To me, a work of art must tell a story and make the child within us dream.
In 1977, Lovisa left Southwest France to prepare for the entrance exams of the great art schools of Paris, graduating from the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts (ENSAAMA, Olivier de Serres, Paris) in 1982. She specialized in murals and created stained glass for several years, and worked on many restorations and official orders in the studio of Sylvie Gaudin until 1996. From 2000 to 2007, she painted often, but didn’t yet exhibit, preferring to dedicate herself to her children’s education. Her career took off in 2009 when she enrolled in the Maison des Artistes. Ever since she has exhibited continually throughout France (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Reims…) Her compositions show traces of her work with stained glass. She rediscovers old tools (hammer, nails) by recycling tin cans or soda cans. Colour figures prominently in her art. Her compositions are animated in the style of cartoons in an electric atmosphere. Jolted out of the monotony of everyday life, the audience witnesses a veritable explosion of coloured material.
Everything serves as inspiration for Lovisa. A trip in Polynesia in her brother’s footsteps left her with fond memories, and she brought back the warmth of the Marquesa Islands. Lovisa is inspired by free figuration, Pop Art and the ‘urban’ artists: Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat (American artists, twentieth century), Alechinsky (Belgian painter and printmaker) and Combas (French artist). Major cities invite us into her paintings with all of their excess and ‘consumer frenzy’ (vehicles, graffiti, sky-scrapers). A true workaholic, Lovisa likes to surprise by assembling diverse objects. To bring the medium alive and free herself from the constraints of paint, she experiments with a happy mix of techniques (plaster, marouflage, collage, writing, acrylic, papier-mâché…)
  • 2015
    Participation in the Art en Capital art fair
    Paris, France
  • 2012
    Participation à l'action
    Toulouse, France
  • 2010
    Participation in the Artists Art Fair
    Colombes, France
  • 1958
    Dax, France
(129 Artworks)

129 Artworks

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