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Ramat Manuel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Ramat Manuel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Ramat Manuel
  • Argentina
  • Painter

I want to seize the beauty of everyday life. To go straight to the essential and leave no room for the superfluous.
Originally from Argentina, Manuel is a self-taught artist. He participated in various competitions and art markets in the early 90s. His first exhibition was held in 1994 in the small town of Gualeguaychú. In 1995, he studied at the Prilidiano Pueyrredon National School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. Two years later, he became an assistant in artist Sofia Althabe's studio. In 1999, he received a scholarship from the Antorchas Foundation to study with painter Jorge Demirjian, and became his assistant until 2001. That year, he was awarded the title of professor of painting from the National University of Art and moved to the Entre Ríos province, where he now lives. From 2001 to 2012 he taught painting and drawing for children and adults in the cultural centres of the region (Colon, Villa Elisa). He participated in various artistic and educational projects for the La Fragua Cultural Centre, of which he is a founding member. He has exhibited in South America and Spain over the past fifteen years.
Manuel paints with a brush directly on paper without any preliminary drawing. He works from a reduced palette by focusing on neutrals and pastels. Figurative and realistic, the artist combines his traditional and modern education by bringing a contemporary stylish finish to his technical expertise. Manuel appreciates Italian painting of the nineteenth century. His works appear both classical in his choice of subjects (landscapes, portraits, still lifes) and modern in the way he deals with sobriety. Haunting, they exude a sense of serenity. He paints intimate moments by staging characters absorbed in their occupations and approaches nudity with humility. His elegant figures have the nostalgic charm of the 60s. Discrete and melancholy, they recall the lonely figures of American painter Edward Hopper (twentieth century).
  • 2012
    Participation in the National Drawing Art Fair
    Concordia, Argentina
  • 2007
    Beginning of collaboration with Carré d'artistes
    Carré d’artistes, France
  • 2003
    Exhibition at the Euripides Belafonte gallery
    Paysandú, Uruguay
  • 1977
    Villa Elisa, Argentina
(20 Artworks)

20 Artworks

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