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Are you considering the purchase of a minimalist painting?

At Carré d'artistes, discover a wide selection of minimalist paintings available for purchase.  The minimalist painting is a pictorial current of the contemporary art. 

In the world of contemporary art, a trend in vogue does not cease to seduce the amateurs: the purchase of abstract and minimalist paintings. These unique works, by their simplicity and their ability to arouse deep emotions, captivate more and more the eyes avid of refined aesthetics.

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Earth tones D6 is a minimalist abstract painting representing the colors of the Earth



This is one of the main trends in interior design. This theme tries to fill the space with the minimum possible elements that combined can create a single whole.
In our selection of works, you will find raw and monochromatic colors in simple patterns of illustrations and female figures, textual inspiration, minimalist landscape painting, or abstract minimalist painting.
This theme conveys a sense of tranquility and calls directly to "relaxation", owning a canvas, owning a minimalist canvas will bring a Zen feel to your home.



The fundamental basis of minimalism is the reduction of our consumption, and this in all areas of our lives: material possessions, personal relationships, activities, leisure...
Opt for a minimalist lifestyle ?
One pair of jeans, three T-shirts, a toothbrush, a laptop and a smartphone. That's the list of items you need to live a minimalist lifestyle! This way of life aims at realizing that material is not essential and that our consumption habits can be simplified.




How to match your artwork with a minimalist decoration?

Minimalist decoration uses mainly a set of materials, prefer raw and natural materials such as linen, stone and wood. Very often used, waxed concrete is often present in this decorative theme. A work of art on a white background with a clean decor will fit perfectly in your rooms. To bring a sophisticated touch you can bet on noble materials: a marble pot holder, a cashmere plaid or a wool pouffe.  Be careful with the mix of materials, you must always keep a harmony in the associations but it will bring depth and originality in an interior.  


Caracteristics and techniques

This theme is not limited to painting. There are, in addition to painting: sculpture, music, architecture and design. Minimalism is a major artistic trend of the contemporary period. It comes from abstract art and is opposed to Pop Art in particular, which is a figurative painting and where many elements are often represented.

Conversely, minimalist painting uses few details in a painting. This is its essential characteristic, hence its credo "less is more" which means roughly: "the less the better". Minimalist artists therefore seek to remove as many elements and details as possible from a painting. The monochrome technique is very common in minimalist art: a solid color is sometimes the only element of a minimalist painting.

If other details enter the composition (for example: lines, circles, writing, etc.), they always remain very few. The artists also want to eliminate as much as possible the trace of their hand and their gestures. Simplicity is essential: it must be pushed to the maximum and have no particular symbolism.
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