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Moraldi | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Moraldi | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
I reinterpret reality to give the subject a vision and a story of its own.
Born in Andalusia, Moraldi has always had an important fascination for art. It is therefore quite natural, once he became an adult, that the self-taught Spanish painter decided to devote his entire life to the observation and experimentation of forms and colors. Settled in the maritime city of Cadiz, Moraldi has since devoted all his energy to the execution of his paintings. The result of years of research and reflection, Moraldi's pictorial works are powerfully modern and offer the viewer a personal and sensitive interpretation,
Deeply inspired by the pictorial achievements of masters of composition and matter such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Clavé, Nicolas de Staël and Antoni Tàpies, Moraldi works tirelessly on the visual and graphic interpretation of his favorite subject: nature. By means of acrylic paint associated with a luminous and intense palette, the artist creates abstract canvases composed of a multitude of colored touches which come to be superimposed on the numerous flat tints previously applied. This arrangement of matter confers to the whole a certain poetic atmosphere, which could sometimes be brought closer to the work of the representatives of the Lyric Abstraction.
  • 2007
    1st prize in painting and prize of honor at the 5th International Plastic Arts Competition
    Cordoba, Spain
  • 2003
    He joins the artistic collective
    Cordoba, Spain
  • 1999
    1st prize in the 29th Biennial of Painting of the Fernando Villalón Foundation
    Seville, Spain
(46 Artworks)

46 Artworks

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