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  • Garilli Nicole

Garilli Nicole

  • France
  • Painter
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With a father who was a cabaret musician, Nicole grew up in an artistic environment. Music was present from a very early age. As a little girl, she was engaged in all kinds of creative activities (painting, drawing, sewing, making bead necklaces...) all carried out to the fevered rhythm of Jazz music. This first contact with art influenced her understanding of everyday life. Unknowingly, Nicole was moving towards an artistic destiny, but her choice of studies led her away from her original purpose. After a Masters in Economics at the University of Montpellier, she worked in various fields (manager, training facilitator, medical assistant). In 2000, succumbing to the call of her passion, she began training at the Perpignan School of Art. Five years later, she became a full time artist and participated in a string of regional exhibitions. In 2012, she created a studio in Collioure. She currently lives in Perpignan.
Nicole likes to vary her materials (acrylic, charcoal, pastel, ink, gold leaf, natural pigment, copper...) and backgrounds (canvas, kraft paper...). She prefers acrylics for their freedom and ink for its elusive rendering. The artist knows that each technique has its own language. The same subject (landscape, portrait) may reflect different feelings depending on the method of execution.
With its surprises and unexpected happenings, life inspires her with all its instability. Her art is constantly changing. Ideas and projects jostle in her head, creating new inspirations. Here, a disguised tribute to Picasso (Spanish painter, twentieth century), there a pianist in full creation or a brass band rehearsing in unison. Around an idea, a poem by Verlaine inspires the title of a painting.
With a lively and quick stroke, the artist likes to capture movement. Her characters seem truly happy to move on the surface of the work. Nicole creates compositions animated in the style of comics. Free and spontaneous, her works gobble up the wonderful spectacle of life.


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