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Przemo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Przemo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography


"The Art is like a ship surrounded by waves of disinformation, the art strives to withstand that destructive force of mass disinformation, the art helps save our true nature of human beings. I feel a great need for creation and explanation of this world we are living in through painting"
Przemo is a Polish artist. He can't remember a time when drawing wasn't in his life. He has a passion for painting, sculpture, film, streetwear, graphic novels, cartoons and computing. So he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts to study art restoration with a focus on sculpture and architectural features. He took an IT course when he graduated and made a career from computing. Przemo split his time between his passion for IT and love for art. After a long time sculpting, he ventured into painting in 2018 to quench his thirst for creation.
Przemo mainly uses acrylic on paper, canvas and MDF boards. The Polish artist is inspired by famous names including Warhol, Banksy, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli to produce his colourful original pieces. The painter blends pop culture with characters and cartoons. Przemo uses his street art style to combat the fake news that is slowly destroying our sense of humanity. The Polish artist's often satirical pieces are inspired by leading artists and encourage audiences to take time out and reflect on our society.\n
  • 29/01/1973
    Bydgoszcz, Poland
  • 2018
    start painting
    -, Poland
  • 1992-1998
    Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts
    Torun, Poland
(65 Artworks)
65 Artworks

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