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Sculptures in recycled objects by Carré d'artistes

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Considering purchasing a sculpture made from recycled objects?

Sculpture made with recycled objects and recycled iron sculpture represent unique art forms that give a second life to abandoned materials. Talented artists use their creativity to transform reclaimed items into fascinating and environmentally responsible metal sculptures. These artistic creations showcase the beauty and aesthetics of recycled metal while conveying a powerful message of sustainability and reuse.

Among these artworks, animal sculptures made from recycled metal stand out, capturing the grace and strength of animals while utilizing recycled materials. Recycled metal sculpture is a true testament to the ingenuity of artists who manage to create contemporary works of art using reclaimed materials. These sculptures evoke sustainable creativity and provoke reflection on our relationship with materials and our impact on the environment.

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The Importance of Recycled Objects Sculptures

Incinerated or landfill waste presents an opportunity for contemporary art sculptors to create artworks while preserving the planet, especially in the face of challenges like climate change.

By creating sculptures with materials sourced from landfills or discarded in trash bins and recycling centers, sculptors engage in the act of reclamation, giving value to what seemed to be worthless. It is an activist act that encourages the viewer to become active and observe their surroundings. More than a critique of the current consumer society, it is a process that reveals what we no longer pay attention to.

Ecology now resonates in all our thoughts and concerns, be it governmental, economic, or societal. Within the European Union, waste recycling differs greatly among countries, and waste treatment and sorting methods also vary from one country to another.
Recycled sculptures are increasingly becoming part of contemporary artistic creation.


A Few Artists and Sculptures Made from Recycled Objects

The still life sculptures by artist Subodh Gupta follow in the footsteps of Marcel Duchamp. By using objects from ultra-consumption, he constructs his art. His works are unconventional and give rise to trees with strange forms using improbable materials. They invite contemplation of the ephemeral nature of art, given the precarious and perishable nature of the materials that compose them. This duality adds to the beauty of the artwork.


South American artist Vik Muniz is a leading figure in "the art of waste." Discovered in the 1980s in New York, the sculptor focused his artistic approach on reproducing masterpieces from art history using materials and objects derived from recycling. He ingeniously transforms incongruous objects such as trash, snippets from magazines, cigarette butts, creating large-scale ephemeral sculptures.


The artist couple Sue Webster and Tim Noble create "shadow sculptures" using discarded objects and debris from all directions. They illuminate the final result to project poetic and imaginary shadow portraits on the wall.


The artist collective Guerra de la Paz originates from Cuba. These artists primarily use recycled materials. They work with unconventional and unusual materials such as used clothing and found objects, transforming them into vibrant sculptures. Their works often pay homage or reference classical art and convey messages about the state of society. The artistic approach of this Cuban collective questions consumer society and our way of utilizing it.


Wim Delvoye is known worldwide for his aesthetic work using cut-up tires. He conceives subtle patterns inspired by vegetation and flora within the very texture of the tire. The rubber material eventually resembles hammered metal or carved wood.


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