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Sculpture Flexo Be Reader NBR by Zed | Sculpture

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Discover the acrylic sculptures by the artist Zed.
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Strasbourg Orfèvres
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Zed France
David Zeller, alias ZED, comes from Alsace and is a natural born sculptor. Despite showing obvious artistic inclinations and a real passion for working with materials ever since he was a child, he did not imagine right away that he would take this path. Indeed, it was only in 2007, encouraged by his then boss, that ZED decided to leave the field of restoration permanently in order to embrace that of artistic creation. His first exhibitions were a great success with the public and the commissions followed one another, which reassured the young artist in his new professional path. He started out as a woodcarver and designed his most popular work by sheer chance, based on fallen branches found in a dumpster that he then reworked to gradually produce his famous character named Flexo.
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