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Luz Alexandra | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Luz Alexandra | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Luz Alexandra
"I don't paint what I see, I paint what I think. "
With a degree in Human and Social Sciences, Alexandra has been working in the French Ministry of Education since 2014. Although passionate about the Arts since childhood, she began her career as an artist in the South in 2018 thanks to a painter friend who introduced her to figurative art. Deprived of the landscapes that inspired her during confinement in 2019, she tried her hand at abstract art to express her doubts during this particularly anxiety-inducing period. It's a revelation! Alexandra now lives in the North of France and continues to express her high sensitivity in her minimalist works, filled with liberated emotions.
Alexandra draws her inspiration from the intensity of life's fragments and buried memories. Her technique consists of juxtaposing layers of soft, neutral tones - sometimes enriched with fabrics and gold leaf - then working on the composition of her canvas with material effects that she enhances and scratches. Colors are applied with oil pastels, pencils or fine acrylic paint.
The artist strives for harmonious colors and powerful contrasts, while always leaving a great deal of clarity in her canvases. Her artistic and philosophical intention is to learn how to retain the essence of a moment in life and make peace with what sometimes clouds our thoughts.
  • 2024
    Exhibition - E dans l'O
    Gordes, France
  • 2024
    Exhibition - Printemps des Exposition
    Cross, France
  • 2023
    Exhibition - 111 des Arts
    Lille, France
  • 1987
    Dax, France
(15 Artworks)

15 Artworks

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