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Carré d'artistes offers a wide selection of contemporary sculptures in small, medium and large formats. The ancient sculpture has not ceased to be transformed through the centuries. 

Sculptors such as Brancusi, Marcel Duchamp or Tinguely have initiated new approaches and modern and contemporary sculptural practices such as ready made, accumulation, assembly, installation, in-situ... The modern era revolutionised the artists' approach to materials such as plastic, concrete, iron and steel. Contemporary art no longer has any insurmountable boundaries between measure and excess, reality and gigantic or miniature volumes. 

The hyper-realist artist and sculptor Ron Mueck offers giant, emotionally charged figures, while Slinkachu precisely details scenes from everyday life in pocket-sized miniatures. Thanks to the different types of formats, contemporary sculpture pushes the limits of reality and invites the spectator to look at the world around him in a different way and to question his place in the universe.
In bronze, resin, plaster, wood, recycled objects, the small and large sculptures can be seen and experienced by touch. Whether in small or large format, the sculpture reveals itself over time.

At Carré d'artistes, discover small and large format sculptures by contemporary artists: Pappay, Franck Lamboley, Aude Silve, Christine Blom, Julie Joly...
You will find your next favorite online or in one of our art galleries, we offer several styles: bronze sculpture, abstract sculpture, street art, pop art... 
(254 Artworks)
254 Artworks
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