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Maia Angelina | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Maia Angelina | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Maia Angelina
  • Portugal
  • Sculptor

The need to express and communicate, the need to share and communicate with others is the source from which all art and all sculpture springs,
Angélina Maia discovers her passion for cardboard in 2011 during an apprenticeship with an artisan. With time and her experiences, she develops into an artistic world, creating sculptures from cardboard lace that allow her to express her emotions and sensitivity. Her works are crafted with passion and a certain attention to detail. International exhibitions: Art Nordic Copenhagen, Artexpo New York, Art Shopping Paris, Art Connects Women Dubai, etc. Art galleries in Portugal, France and Switzerland.
Particularly attracted by the female body, its delicacy, fragility and movement, she is inspired by Greek statues of antiquity and also by sculptors such as Alfredo Giacometti and Igor Mitoraj. She likes to think of her sculptures as fragmented, disintegrated, a bit like the remains of ancient statues that have just been unearthed. Giving a second life to cardboard in order to reduce the ecological impact of her creations is an important point for the artist. It is a real challenge to start from a so-called "poor" material, a simple cardboard box and transform it into a real work of art.
  • 2022
    Art Shopping Paris
    Paris, France
  • 2022
    Art Connects Women
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (the)
  • 2019
    Art Nordic
    Copenhague, Denmark
  • 2018
    Enchères à la Fondation de revitalisation de St Etienne de Bolton
    Canada, Canada
  • 2017
    Artexpo New York
    New York, United States of America (the)
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