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Chassagnette Béatrice | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Chassagnette Béatrice | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Chassagnette Béatrice
  • Singapore
  • Painter

Isn't handling colors and lines a real diplomacy, because the real difficulty is precisely to harmonize all that. (Raoul Dufy)\n
Attracted since always by art and design, Beatrice CHASSAGNETTE is oriented towards a designer training in fashion. She then worked for prestigious designers and couturiers such as Popy Moreni, Nathalie Garçon, Apostrophe but also at the Chanel Studio alongside Karl Lagerfeld. Naturally and over the years, Beatrice took the path of painting until it became a real evidence for her. She travels and works in many countries: England, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Her work and her talent, very noticed, allow her to realize the watercolor appearing on the invitation of the inauguration of the Channel Tunnel as well as the design of a line of leather goods for Samsung!
Her training as a designer allows her to approach painting from a slightly different angle. As with the creation of a garment, she works on the aesthetics, the balance and the final look of her composition, but also on a thoughtful staging of objects, colors and materials. Inspired by artists such as Raoul Dufy, Henri Matisse and Paul Cézanne, she uses pure colors that she mixes to create movement and contrasting effects. Originally from the south of France, Beatrice particularly enjoys painting Mediterranean landscapes and putting her own spin on them. Playing with colors to give meaning to the work, the painter offers us her view of the world to which she gives her own colors.
  • 2013
    Exhibition of oil paintings in an Art Gallery
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 1993
    Exhibition of watercolors of interior views of the Tunnel
    Eurotunnel, United Kingdom
  • 1993
    Creation of the logo for the inauguration of the Tunnel
    -, France
  • 1967
    Nice, France
(49 Artworks)

49 Artworks

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