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Coco | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Coco | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
"my joy in painting is to fix my emotional feelings on the canvas".
Christine GORWA (Coco ) is a self-taught artist from Strasbourg, France. She is appreciated for her contemporary portraits, emphasizing the expression of the eyes and the dynamics of her paintings.
She uses a colorful palette and mixed media, including inks, pencils, markers, acrylics and pens.
By turns, her portraits can be joyful, melancholic, tormented or questioning, reflecting the different emotions she captures and fixes on her canvases.
Her favorite field is contemporary portraiture, where she likes to explore different techniques and artistic directions to amplify the emotions and give life to her subjects. She is inspired by the world around her, humans, their faces, their postures, their movements. She likes to observe and capture spontaneous moments. Her artistic approach emphasizes the importance of the eyes and the gaze in the expression of emotions, as well as the importance of the hands and the posture that give a foundation and therefore a strength. Her goal is to bring each portrait to life. She has a thirst for learning and constant evolution, which pushes her to explore new creative paths.
  • 2023
    Open house at the workshop
    ILLKIRCH, France
  • 2019
    Exhibition at the Vill'a
    ILLKIRCH, France
  • 2015
    Exhibition at the Tourist Office
    BARR, France
(81 Artworks)

81 Artworks

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