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Tribute to Magritte

Carré d'artistes honours René Magritte through a collection inspired by his works. 

The artist : René Magritte

René Magritte, a Belgian artist who was born in Lessines in 1898 and died in Brussels in 1967, was a leading figure in surrealism and left his mark on the art world with his paintings and ideas. Clouds, pipes, bowler hats and green apples: these are some of the artist's most recognisable icons. Despite his connection with the Paris Surrealists in the late 1920s, he opted for a figurative style by painting everyday objects.

Known for his famous painting "The betrayal of images" and the famous phrase "This is not a pipe", Magritte contrasts representations and words to great effect. The pipe is rendered very simply and realistically, and the inscription at the bottom of the canvas also appears in neat, perfectly legible script. Yet the caption detracts from the clarity of the painting, and the text, rather than explaining the image, confuses what appears to be an easily understood idea. The caption makes it more difficult to grasp the meaning and prompts viewers to rethink the nature of visual signs.
In his works, Magritte reimagines painting as a critical tool that challenges perception. He plays with words and images, and inspires a whole generation of new artists with him.

The Carré d'artistes concept 

At Carré d'artistes, our ambition is to democratize contemporary art by sharing the works of artists from around the world. We are the first network of art galleries with more than 30 locations in Europe and worldwide. Our goal is to discover and support the painters, sculptors and even street artists of our generation, giving them the chance to share their work and make a living from it. Since 2001, we have supported more than 600 artists and visual artists. In this collection, we would like to honour René Magritte through the works of contemporary painters. 

The Hommage à Magritte collection

In our "Homage to Magritte" collection, we offer unique works by various contemporary painters and draughtsmen: Lionnet Pascal, Trevisan Carlo and Medeya Lemdiya, all of whom have been carefully selected by our gallery curators. For this unique collection, these artists from all over the world were inspired by Magritte's work, rethinking the major themes explored by the artist: the pipe, the apple, or the bowler hat. 
At Carré d'artistes, you have the possibility to buy unique and original paintings, certified by the artist, which can be made on demand or personalized. To buy one of these paintings, you need to spend at least 95 €. Give meaning to your decoration and support contemporary artists by buying one of their paintings inspired by the famous René Magritte.



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7 Artworks



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