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Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein

Admire the best collections of the painter Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein is one of the stars of American Pop Art, an artist who stands out for his originality. With his distinguished style, this unmistakable figure has nothing to envy to other painters of his generation. He was inspired by popular culture, comics and advertising. This genius, who died in 1997, left behind some of the best works of art that are still worth seeing today. You will find them in our collection on Carré d'artistes, leader in art networks around the world.

The beginning of Roy Lichtenstein

As an art collector, you have undoubtedly heard of Roy Lichtenstein. This artist was born in Manhattan on October 27, 1923 to an upper middle class Jewish family. He was the son of an accomplished pianist and a real estate agent. The talent of this genius came mainly from his leisure time. Indeed, the schools he attended did not offer art classes. However, being an unconditional fan of jazz music, he often went to concerts. There he began to paint portraits of the musicians. During the summer vacations in his last year of high school, this poster artist enrolled in the summer courses offered by the Art Students League of New York. Afterwards, he took studio classes at Ohio State University and graduated with a degree in fine arts.

The career of pop art Roy Lichtenstein

In 1960, Roy Lichtenstein Whaam was teaching in New Jersey at Rutgers University. Influenced by Allan Kaprow, one of his favorite colleagues, he began to take an interest in proto-pop imagery again. Thus, in 1961, he created his first pop paintings featuring cartoon images. Most of Roy Lichtenstein's works were inspired by commercial advertisements. This artist himself described the style of his paintings as artificial. Although he was inspired by existing images, there were times in his career when he was accused of plagiarism. However, he was able to impose his difference in each of his creations and surpass these accusations. Elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Lichtenstein also ventured into the world of sculpture, using metal and plastic in particular. Finally, in addition to his famous Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein, this artist, during his rise, made memorable works. For example, he was asked to decorate the Young America for the America's Cup. He also created the logo for Dreamworks Record.

The best works created by Roy Lichtenstein

Among the creations that have marked the American painter and that you will find in our collection, Look Mickey represents a character with highlighted contours. This oil on canvas was created in 1961. It is a remake of a scene from Disney that shows Donald Duck and Mickey during a fishing mishap. Masterpiece is also among his famous works. It tells the story of concerned women in a hyper-consuming America. Through scenes of contrasting tones, Roy allows the audience to glimpse exchanges, thoughts or snippets of conversations. Finally, Roy Lichtenstein Whaam has similarly caused a stir among art lovers. This painting was inspired by a DC Comics comic book, All-American Men of War. This painting has a size of 1.7 m × 4 m. It shows a warplane firing a rocket at an enemy's airplane.
The works of the famous painter Lichtenstein at the Carré d'artistes

For your pleasure, we invite you to contemplate works inspired by the wonderful American poster artist Roy in Lyon, at Carré d'Artistes. Sophie Costa, a great artist and an upcycling enthusiast pays tribute to this painter through her work entitled Brad, Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein. This realization, of pop-art style comes from the use of a mixed technique. Spread on a canvas, it has a dimension of 80 x 80 cm and is mounted on a frame.



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24 Artworks



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