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Tchirieff Katia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Tchirieff Katia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Tchirieff Katia
  • Canada
  • Painter

Some painters turn the sun into a yellow dot: others turn a yellow dot into a sun. Pablo Picasso
Originally from the Paris region, Katia first discovered airbrushing during her studies. Then it was the world of advertising and the colorful atmosphere of the 80s that unleashed her creativity and launched her career. Illustrator for top agencies, she also works for children's and women's publishing. After moving to Quebec, she freed herself from her professional shackles and changed her life. Over the years, she studied art, tested techniques and perfected her style and tastes. Since then, Katia has shared her life between the two continents, where she regularly exhibits her work.
With paintings that strike a perfect balance between sharp realism and a more graphic, variegated rendering, Katia shapes her world in a style that's very much her own. Like a return to her first love, she works on her still lifes with finesse, precision and sensitivity. Her canvases often depict traditional objects or delicacies, meticulously documented and detailed to capture every nuance. Using gradations and transparency, she then subtly declines her acrylic shades, using brushes or knives to play with light and reflections. She admires painters who embody change, such as the Impressionists Matisse and Gauguin, or Soutine and Vuillard for modern art. With their mischievous, vibrant and sometimes nostalgic nods to the 80s, Katia's works express joy and gentleness with color and generosity.
  • 2022
    Other exhibition
    Magog, Canada
  • 2014
    Exhibits at
    Vouvant, France
  • 2005
    Regional exhibitions until 2013
    Estrie, Canada
  • 2005
    Certificate in Visual Arts
    Sherbroke University, Canada
  • 1980
    Illustrator for advertising and publishing
    Paris, France
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