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Kuprina Carle Maria | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Kuprina Carle Maria | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Kuprina Carle Maria
  • France
  • Painter

Art washes our soul from the dust of everyday life. Pablo Picasso.
Originally from southern Russia, Maria developed a passion for drawing at an early age. After graduating from the Sochi Children's Art School, she left the art world to become an English teacher after university. When she moved to Paris, she worked in a luxury jewelry store on the Place Vendôme and trained in the jewelry arts at the Ecole Boulle. Gradually, painting became part of her daily routine and, in 2020, she returned to the watercolors of her childhood. Maria soon became a professional painter, devoting her life and time to her passion.
Young and talented creator, Maria shares with us her love for nature, its splendor and its harmony in her colorful works of subtle realism. She loves to represent animals, which she depicts with finesse and sensitivity, especially birds. Her family and her children also inspire her on a daily basis, giving her the courage to move forward and to surpass herself. Concentrated on her canvases and immersed in her universe, the artist paints exclusively in watercolor for the precision and detail that this technique allows her to bring to her landscapes. By evoking in her art the majesty of a snow-covered summit, the delicate charms of a flowerbed or the shimmering brilliance of a body of water under a starry night, Maria reveals the wonders of our world. She encourages us to observe, and open our eyes to the beauty of everything.
  • 2023
    Participate in Art Capital
    Paris, France
  • 2022
    Expose in solo
    Saint Avertin, France
  • 2022
    First personal exhibition
    Croissy sur Seine, France
  • 1988
    Sochi, Russian Federation (the)
(59 Artworks)

59 Artworks

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