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YG | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • YG | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Painter

I enjoy playing with the established codes to give free rein to my expression.
Originally from Metz, Yoann Guillemenet, aka YG, is a young and talented artist. Passionate about drawing when he was a child, he only encountered painting in 2015 after being forced to stop work due to health problems. Since then, this new discipline has occupied all of his intellectual concerns and stylistic experimentations. The most important part of his pictorial approach is founded on the meeting of two aesthetic languages with contrasting appearances: urban art and classical portraits. Continually navigating between an independent and spontaneous gesture when using the aerosol spray and a minute application required for the creation of the portrait, the self-taught painter enjoys playing with the established codes to give free rein to his expression – which he constantly seeks to perfect, through the in-depth nature of his technique.
Resorting to the use of tools and materials commonly used by graffiti artists, Yoann uses knives, spray paints, collages and acetone to compose his backgrounds, with a subtle play of confrontations and entanglements of materials. Then, using his paintbrushes coated with oil paints, he works precisely and delicately to produce his characters, thus giving the work its sensitive and expressive nature. Drawing his inspiration from all disciplines, which fall into common culture, Yoann particularly admires the talent of certain photographers who “manage to capture the beauty, a look or a movement”. Creating a completely unique formal genre, the painter gives body to contemporary works, which are highly empathic and which are set on acting in harmony with the public’s sensitivity.

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  • 2017
    Exhibited at Vitrine éphémère
    Metz, France
  • 2016
    Individual exhibition at Divine essence et création
    Metz, France
  • 1958
    Metz, France
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