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You are considering the purchase of a black and white painting?

Opt for the black and white artworks at Carré d'artistes. Black and white painting is a particular pictorial genre since it is limited to the use of black and white on the canvas. Modern and contemporary artists often create black and white compositions.

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Opposite but inseparable, the two colors bring out the purity and beauty of the subject. Street art, pop art, oil, acrylic ... no matter the theme or the technique, our paintings will necessarily fit your wall decoration.

Black and white painting by Julien Rey, carré d'artistes



The combination of the two colors brings a perfect harmony in contrasts, in painting, illustration or portrait, modern black and white paintings bring a charm and elegance in an interior decoration.
Black and white paintings can be used to create a dramatic effect in contrast to brightly colored walls or to harmonize a room with neutral tones. Black and white artwork is also versatile and can be used in a variety of decorating styles, such as minimalist, industrial, modern and classic.

In addition, the simplicity of the color palette allows patterns, shapes and textures to be emphasized in the artwork.
Ultimately, black and white paintings are an elegant and timeless choice for adding a touch of art to any room in the house.

Surf this trend by choosing this type of canvas at Carré d'artistes, as adopting these colors is a good choice to enhance a room.
Our black and white paintings are available for sale on our website and also in all galleries of contemporary art Carré d'artistes in France and abroad.


The characteristics of black and white painting

Painting in black and white is not self-evident. Indeed, painting is considered to be the art of color, while a painting in black and white limits the use of colors to the maximum to keep only the depth of black and white lighting.

Moreover, black is not considered a color in its own right and until the 20th century, it was only used in painting to create the contours or shadows of a painting. However, a work done in black and white often gains in elegance and depth. Black is a tone that reveals the complexity of a subject or a composition, that gives sobriety and an unequalled refinement.

But art in black is not limited to painting: photography, of course, is the art that uses this process of black and white the most. Cinema, fashion, sculpture, ceramics, etc., are arts that handle black and white as well as painting. The beauty of the black always brings out the brightness and radiance of the white, which offers an image that is often timeless and absolute.



The history of this painting is not long. Indeed, before the 20th century, painters always used a large palette of colors to make a painting. It is with the arrival of modern painting and abstraction that artists began to explore the great possibilities offered by these two tones only.

Thus, there are famous paintings done in black and white: Malevich and his famous Black Square of 1915; Henri Matisse used these colors in some of his paintings, such as Black Chalice Veil , in the early 50s; in 1937, Picasso painted Guernica in black; Mark Rothko's Black paintings are also famous; Jackson Pollock uses black and white in some of his paintings, such as Black and White painting III , around 1951.

Others could be on the list. After the great modern painters kicked off, contemporary artists continue to make black and white paintings. Today, many graphic or street art paintings are in these colors which allows for brilliance and intensity to appear on the canvas, regardless of the subject being painted.


Pierre Soulages in black and white painting

Pierre Soulages is a French artist known for his abstract paintings that emphasize the color black. For Soulages, the color black is not an absence of color, but rather a color in itself, capable of creating a unique depth and luminosity.He explores this color through different techniques and textures to create black artworks that play with light and darkness. His abstract paintings in black reflect a mysterious, meditative and introspective world.


The artists of black and white painting at Carré d'artistes

At Carré d'artistes, there are several artists who specialize in black and white painting, such as Rey Julien, Mü and Stoekenbroek Denny, Deuz, Nathalie dumontier or serge rat.

Some artists specialize in black and white artwork, using this limited color palette to create simple yet elegant works of art. This approach to painting allows for an emphasis on composition, form and texture, rather than color. 

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