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Colombo Cécile | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Colombo Cécile | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Colombo Cécile

  • France
  • Painter / Plastician
I want to transmit benevolence through my works and immerse the viewer in a cheerful and warm world.
Creative by nature, Cecile turned to study art at the School of Fine Arts, where she enriched her artistic education with studies in Architectural Environment and Urban Decor. She was interested in cities and travelled extensively (Namibia, Angola, Surinam, Kenya, Guyana). Without thinking of becoming an artist, she sold her first works in random meetings. Her success was a turning point and Cecile decided to live from her passion. During her many trips to Africa and South America, Cecile took photos of various details: balconies, typical signs of the country, fruit markets... Now she tries to recreate the customs, mood and colours of the country. In her studio in southern France, she uses all these snapshots to create her works.
On paper or canvas, Cecile glues old papers found in flea markets, labels brought back from her travels, tissue paper and fabric scraps ... Once the background has been created, she draws on it with India ink, walnut juice, coloured ink or acrylic and enhances the watercolours with pastels. She enjoys mixing all of these materials, which make her paintings alive and modern. Cecile’s works give an impression of spontaneity through the ink effects. Strongly inspired by the work of Pierre Alechinsky (expressionist painter and printmaker), Cecile wishes, like him, to get caught up in the painting. Her paintings are travel logs, windows wide open on the blue sea, the ochre facades, the brightness of the Mediterranean. In her paintings, she devours scenes of life.
  • 2010
    Exhibition at the Castillon area
    Toulon, France
  • 2008
    Exhibition at the Cameleon gallery
    Antibes, France
  • 2005
    Exhibition for the "Vœux d'artistes" association
    Marseilles, France
  • 1969
    Marseilles, France


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206 Artworks



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