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Pop icons paintings

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of paintings of pop icons. The painting of pop icons refers directly to the genre of pop art which takes hold of popular culture to translate it in an artistic way. Pop icons, that is, popular stars known all over the world, are very often represented in pop art.

Pop art


The term "pop art" comes from folk art and designates several types of artistic techniques: paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, serigraphs, etc. It comes from a great cultural movement. Originally from England, it evolved in the United States and then throughout the Western world. It is strongly linked to the progression of the capitalist system from which it came and which it condemns at the same time. The new techniques that appear after the war and with mass industrialization allow pop art to innovate and use techniques hitherto rejected by the art world. This movement also affects other disciplines: fashion, music and all forms of visual arts.


Pop art appears in the 50s and develops mainly in 60s. In England, it is Richard Hamilton, a very important figure of pop art, who gives it the necessary impetus to become a decisive genre. In the United States, the emblematic artist of this movement is Andy Warhol. He often uses screen printing to point out the system of his time and to be able to reach more people. The forms, compositions and subjects of pop art are therefore very accessible to a large audience and allow pop paintings to be highly regarded around the world.

Pop icons in art

The main pop icons

More specifically, pop paintings very often depict icons of popular culture. Since Andy Warhol's silkscreens reproducing repetitions of Marilyn Monroe, many pop artists have had fun reproducing famous people of their time or great timeless stars. Warhol also screen-printed Liz Taylor, Mao, Mick Jagger, John Wayne, etc. Other personalities are now models for pop icons paintings: Brigitte Bardot, Steve Mc Queen, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Che Guevara, Kurt Cobain, James Dean, etc. The United States largely dominates this kind of painting: it is American celebrities who are most often represented in pop art works.

Specificity of pop icon painting

Thus, the representation of popular icons transformed the world of art. Since Warhol, the work of art is no longer necessarily unique. The seriality is one of the founding principles of this kind of painting and corresponds to the movement of mass consumption of our Western societies. With pop art, art is no longer reserved for the elite. Everyone understands the meaning of the work because it comes from popular culture and everyone can find meaning in it. The icons represented are representations of our collective unconscious since they are all familiar to us and we recognize them at first glance.

At Carré d'artistes, discover paintings of pop icons by contemporary artists such as Medeya Lemdiya, Pooky, Fabien Novarino, Valerian Lenud, and even more.


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