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Sculpture Extincteur by VIZA | Sculpture Street art Mixed Animals

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Extincteur" on the subject of Animals has been created by the contemporary artist VIZA.
The artist used Mixed medium to create this Street art, Medium size sculpture.
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    : Street art
  • -


    : Mixed
  • -


    : Animals
  • - Size : 28 x 28 x 70 cm
  • - Format : Medium
  • - Colors : Red
  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Paris 6 Saint-Germain
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VIZA France
VIZA admires the work of street artists Jef Aérosol (born in France in 1957), Joe Iurato (born in the United States in 1973) and Joao Samina (born in Portugal in 1989), and constantly works enthusiastically right up until he has put the finishing touches to his stencils; he does not hesitate to take his experiments a step further in an effort to discover new creative possibilities. He was rewarded for the originality and quality of his works two years running, by being shortlisted at ""The Stencil Art Prize"", a prestigious international event which is held in Australia.
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